The Grand Tour boss said there would be no Christmas specials – so what are all these photos about?

Executive producer Andy Wilman said before the series aired that there would be no Christmas specials – but the two episodes set to air during the festive season seem pretty... special


The Grand Tour executive producer Andy Wilman said before the show aired that, because of various legal wrangles, there would be no ‘Christmas’ specials on the new Amazon show.


“No, Christ no!” he said. “We’ll be watching the Queen’s Speech and For your Eyes Only.”

Except, pictures released of the episode set to air on Friday 23rd December, just one day before Christmas Eve, look awfully… festive.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have brought their travelling studio tent to Kakslauttanen, Finland (AKA LAPLAND). The snow is falling outside and there’s even a Christmas tree and tinsel decorations.

They will almost certainly have a good excuse for all this festive cheer, but you tell me this isn’t Christmas. Even the title gives it away: Happy Finnish Christmas.

But wait, there’s more.

The episode released a week after, on Friday 30th December, won’t even be coming from the travelling tent at all. Here’s the episode info in full.

“In this special show, The Grand Tour abandons its usual travelling tent for a road trip across Namibia as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May attempt to demonstrate the brilliance of that great ‘60s throwback, the beach buggy. The Grand Tour boss, Mr Wilman, has declared that beach buggies are terrible and it’s up to the hosts to prove him wrong as they saddle up three examples built to their own specifications and set off on an epic journey across south west Africa, taking in sand dunes, rough roads, dirt tracks, animals, accidents, incidents, arguments and some incredible scenery.”

‘Special show’. ‘Epic journey’. A challenge set by the producers. Ring any bells?

Clarkson, Hammond and May embrace the Namibian desert lifestyle in The Grand Tour special

Not that we care of course. Going on an adventure with Clarkson, Hammond and May was exactly what Top Gear was about, and it wasn’t about to change on The Grand Tour.


Kakslauttanen, Finland: location for The Grand Tour episode six, available for Amazon Prime subscribers from Friday 23rd December