Emmerdale: Robert’s secret plans leave Aaron paranoid – is he right to be suspicious?

Why is Robert having secret meetings with Rebecca?


#Robron fans should brace themselves for more drama in the new year when Aaron and Robert’s relationship takes a fresh twist on Emmerdale.


A new storyline will see Aaron become suspicious when Robert starts sneaking around, while Chas and Liv’s interference only makes matters worse. Little do they know that Robert is, in fact, planning a surprise birthday trip! But will it go ahead?

Episodes to be shown in early January see Chas asking Robert what he has planned for Aaron’s birthday. Feigning disinterest, Robert throws her off the scent by acting as though he doesn’t particularly care – all of which leaves Chas feeling worried.

Later, Robert pays a visit to Home Farm and tells Rebecca that all the sneaking around and secret meetings will have to come to an end soon…

Aaron is then left disappointed on his birthday when Robert slips out to go to work instead of celebrating with him. And when Robert later informs him that he’s meeting Rebecca instead of going out for a nice meal with him, Aaron is left even more concerned.

Elsewhere, Pearl accuses Liv of stealing her money, but Gabby comes to her defence. The following day, Liv and Gabby have some fun when they superglue a 50 pence piece to the road. They watch on in hysterics as Pearl does her best to prize it off, filming everything.

Liv, however, is shocked when she notices Robert and Rebecca cuddling in the background. She shows the footage to a horrified Chas, who then tells Aaron all about it and lets him know that she warned Rebecca away from Robert.

Aaron, however, isn’t satisfied and even though he’s terrified about what she might say, he wants to confront Rebecca himself.

He corners Rebecca and demands to know what’s going on. She is eventually forced to tell him that Robert has been secretly planning a surprise birthday trip.

Robert is dressed up and ready to leave, but Chrissie gets to Aaron in the meantime, warning him that Robert cheated on her and she has no doubt he’ll do it again.

As Robert’s big surprise moment unfolds, he tells Aaron that he’s with him because he loves him. But by the end of the week, Chas is feeling suspicious of Aaron’s motives over his weekend away with Robert.

Will Aaron be able to put all of his jealousy and insecurity to one side and enjoy his birthday trip, or will he and Robert end up crumbling under the pressure?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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