Coronation Street: Eva confronts Aidan over his affair

But are her suspicions correct?


Poor, unsuspecting Eva Price still has no clue that her boyfriend Aidan has been cheating on her, but could all that be about to change in the new year on Coronation Street?


The drama unfolds after Jenny overhears Johnny telling Aidan to stop messing about with other women behind Eva’s back. After later spotting Aidan having a confab with Alya, she incorrectly assumes that the two of them must be having an affair.

Scenes to be shown on Wednesday 4 January see Aidan inviting Alya round to his flat to talk business, only for Jenny to leap to the erroneous conclusion that they’re organising a lovers’ tryst. Jenny then tells Eva about what’s going on, informing her that should she go round to the flat, she’s bound to catch the two of them together.

Barging into the property with all guns blazing, Eva is mortified to find a perfectly innocent business meeting in progress. Protesting his innocence, Aidan ends up tearing a strip off Jenny for trying to split him and Eva up.

But inwardly, he’s breathing a sigh of relief that Eva hasn’t actually found out the truth: that he has – in reality – been cheating with Maria Connor. Aidan may be safe for now, but how long will it be before Eva gets to the true facts?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of New Year on Coronation Street below.


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