Star Wars has been autotuned into a musical

Consider it an early Sithmas present


If you’ve ever watched Star Wars and thought “Hmm, I like the epic space opera themes, inspired action sequences and imaginative design, but why doesn’t it have more musical numbers?”, then do we have a treat for you, strange person.


You see, the Youtubing Gregory Brothers have been poring over footage from the old films and applying their trademark autotuning skillz to turn some of the series’ most memorable lines, including “But I wanted to go to Tosche station to pick up some power converters,” “I don’t like sand,” and the unforgettable “What are midi-chlorians?”

The result? The sort of musical bangers that even ol’ Darth would tap his metal toe to.


Who would have thought that the prequels could inspire such great songs? Maybe we’ve misjudged George Lucas all this time.