Did you spot all these British and Irish actors in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story?

The Force is STRONG with the acting talent from this side of the Atlantic

Francis Magee – Grizzly Rebel

Game of Thrones fans may spot a second familiar face (along with the previously mentioned Ian McElhinney) but they’ll have to look a little harder to find him. Night’s Watch member Yoren aka Francis Magee aka Liam from vintage 1990s EastEnders aka The Bastard Executioner’s Absolon appears as a ‘Grizzly Rebel’ in the new anthology film. 


Guy Henry & Peter Cushing – Grand Moff Tarkin

Now here’s a mind-bending Star Wars appearance you’d be hard pushed to spot. Peter Cushing makes a comeback from beyond the grave as the infamous Tarkin, but it’s actually Holby City and Harry Potter star Guy Henry beneath that CGI head. How on earth did they do it? We asked Gareth Edwards.


Spencer Wilding – Darth Vader

Original Darth Vader Dave Prowse didn’t return to the Sith suit for Rogue One, so the task of embodying the fearsome Star Wars villain fell to two men – one of whom was Welsh actor Spencer Wilding. The terrifically tall actor  has played numerous roles in Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and the Harry Potter franchise, most notably serving as Hagrid’s double in Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.