Did you spot all these British and Irish actors in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story?

The Force is STRONG with the acting talent from this side of the Atlantic

Riz Ahmed – Bodhi Rook

The Four Lions and Dead Set star has had a stellar 2016 thanks to his starring role in The Night Of, which has earned him a Golden Globe nomination. Rogue One sees him playing an Imperial cargo pilot who decides to defect and save the galaxy when Galen Erso sends him on an all-important mission.


Warwick Davis – Weeteef Cyubee

The veteran Star Wars legend couldn’t possibly be left behind on another journey to a galaxy far far away. With no Ewoks around to play, the Harry Potter, Willow and Last Kingdom actor took on a very different role this time around, channelling his inner guerrilla rebel and joining Saw Gerrera’s gang.

Ben Daniels – General Merrick


House of Cards, The Paradise and Cutting It star Ben Daniels makes his Star Wars debut as General Merrick, a moustachioed rebel pilot and leader of the Alliance’s Blue Squadron of X-wing fighters.