What time is The Apprentice 2016 final on TV?

The show moves from its Thursday slot to Sunday for a two-hour extravaganza as we discover who Lord Sugar will go into business with


The Apprentice final. The last time this year, we’ll see those wheelie cases being pulled across a bridge. The last time the nation will collectively hum da da-da da-da da-da da-da da-da da da-DA! And the last time we’ll see Lord Sugar aiming his index finger at a candidate – except tonight he won’t be firing, he’ll be hiring!


Or, at least, going into business with. Yes, as is now the norm, the cream of this year’s Apprentice crop will get a £250,000 investment in their idea and be sent off to make Lord Sugar some more money.

But first, there’s one more task to get through, which traditionally sees this year’s fired candidates returning to help (and sometimes hinder) the two finalists in a two-hour businetainment extravaganza.

So where and when can you see it? Here’s the bottom line…


The Apprentice 2016 final

Sunday 18th December at 9pm on BBC1

You’re… welcome!