The Apprentice’s Jessica Cunningham: “I’d love to have a media career!”

Could the chattiest ever Apprentice candidate soon be back on TV?


Well, we’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that this Sunday’s final is the last time we’ll be treated to chatterbox Jessica Cunningham’s over-the-top antics on The Apprentice. But the good news: we might be seeing her elsewhere on the box soon. 


Turns out that Lord Sugar’s business reality show tickled her fancy for TV and she’s eager for more screentime. “Going into The Apprentice I was focused on winning the £250,000 and becoming Lord Sugar’s business partner,” the online fashion entrepreneur told “But being in the process and seeing how much fun it is, I’d love to have a career in media!” 

But she wouldn’t do another reality show just for fun. “I’d love to be a sort of role model for people,” said the 29-year-old. “Since I’ve been on the show I’ve got such a great response on Twitter and the like saying I’m an inspiration. I’ve never had that before. I just thought ‘oh my god, I’m just little Jess from Burnley!’”

“I think there are a lot of people out there, celebrities and not, who are afraid to be themselves. I want to show people it is okay to be yourself – it’s okay to be a bit crackers!

“We’re in a world full of judgement and I think it’s very important to show people if you open up your mind a bit then you’ll be a lot happier. That’s what I want to do.”

But is she disappointed on missing out on Lord Sugar’s investment after being fired after The Apprentice’s gruelling interview stage? There are some regrets:

“To be honest, if I would have spent longer on my business plan then I could have gone on to win it. I think working and having the kids meant I just didn’t have the time to fully plan it all. Looking back I should have just put them in nursery for a week and focused only on the business plan. It really let me down.”

Still, Lord Sugar’s loss could be TV’s gain. Here’s hoping she signs up to another show soon. Preferably a pilot of Jess Cunningham: Chatty Woman.


The Apprentice final is on 9pm this Sunday, BBC1