Sesame Street’s Big Bird on his life influences and why he’s not scared of eagles

That's right, an interview with a giant yellow bird


Do you spend much time in your nest?


My nest? I love my nest. I play in my nest as well as sleep in it. My nest is made of feathers and mud, stuff I picked up at yard sales and twigs. Any kind of twig is good, except for evergreens – the needles really hurt. They’re pokey.

Are you able to watch television in the nest?

Oh, yes, sure! My nest on Sesame Street is in the middle of a big space. I have a lot of toys, trucks and things spread around and the TV is just off to the side. It’s not in my nest, but it’s nearby.

And what kind of programmes do you like watching?

I like wildlife shows, especially shows with birds in. I enjoy all kinds of birds, really. I like watching eagles.

Don’t the larger birds of prey make you nervous?

Oh no, they’re such cute little birds. They’re smaller than me. I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m a pretty big bird.

Do you have friends over to watch your favourite shows?

My nest is big but it’s not really roomy. So it’s usually me and perhaps one or two other friends. There’s Elmo – it’s nice to spend time with him – and sometimes I’ll ask Oscar the Grouch to come over. But boy, you have to know what Oscar likes.

And you know what he likes?


What do you snack on when you’re watching TV?

I love a birdseed milkshake. Sometimes I’ll have a birdseed granola bar, other times I have a birdseed brownie, or just a big bowl of birdseed. Anything with birdseed, really.

Do you get much time for doing bird things outside – pecking, flying..?

I’m not the kind of bird that flies, except for on an aeroplane. I do chase my friends and run around and I love to roller-skate.

Really? You have such very long legs and large feet.

You think my feet are large? They seem just right for me. I am six years old, you know!

Are you a modern bird, do you keep up with social media?

I like to read books, watch a movie, listen to music. And I like to count to 20 – I can do it in Spanish.

I draw and paint – I just do what I see in my mind. I paint a lot of trees. Sometimes I paint my friends, or little pictures of my teddy bear Radar.

You’ve visited the Furchester hotel. What did you think of it?

It was so much fun, but it was difficult to find a room that I could fit in to sleep. I ended up sleeping in the garden, in a nest made out of pillows!

What is the biggest influence on your life?

I would have to say my friends, really. Because, you know, when you play together and you’re kind to each other, I guess you learn things from each other and maybe that means you can pass along your kindness.


Big Bird is in The Furchester Hotel: a Furchester Christmas on CBeebies on Saturday 24th December at 10.30am and Sunday 25th December at 6.40am. It’s will also air on BBC1 on Tuesday 27th December at 10.40am