Felicity Jones hopes Star Wars: Rogue One will bring a “shift” in how we see female-led movies

The star says she’s also glad to have avoided an intergalactic love story in the new film


Some writing around new Star Wars spin-off/prequel Rogue One has taken to describing Felicity Jones as the “female lead” rather than naming her as the outright star – but the Theory of Everything actor says she’s hopeful that sort of coverage will soon be a thing of the past. 


“Well, I am hoping that with Rogue One there is a shift, and that absolutely, that it is just how it is, that there is a female lead and it’s not even commented on,” Jones told RadioTimes.com in a video interview (above). “That would be perfect.

“And obviously we’re not quite in that stage yet, but here’s hoping that for future actresses who’re in this position that it’ll just be absolutely the norm.”

Jones also praised the new film for its non-glamorous vision of her character Jyn Erso, which skipped romantic entanglements to focus solely on her war against the Imperial forces. 

“You know, these people are living in a time of battle, they’re absolutely reduced to their most basic instincts, and defeating the Empire,” Jones said. “And I loved it that those objectives were not about falling in love.

For more of the interview, including Jones’ opinions on the politics of the new film, you can watch the full video above. 


Rogue One: A Star Wars story is in cinemas now