Emmerdale: Zak and Lisa to reunite at Christmas?

Will Joanie be left devastated over the festive season?


Last year’s Christmas episodes of Emmerdale saw Zak’s affair with Joanie exposed to the Dingles. But it looks like things could be coming full circle this festive season as Zak once again gets close to ex-wife Lisa.


The upcoming drama will see Zak opening up to Lisa when the pair join forces to set up daughter Belle’s laptop. But little do they realise that his reservations about moving away have been caught on camera.

Cue a shock moment on Christmas Day that will see the incriminatory footage broadcast to the entire Dingle clan as Joanie starts to see that her husband could well still have feelings for the woman to whom he was once married.

“Zak is wrestling with the fact that he doesn’t really want to leave Lisa and go away,” explains actor Steve Halliwell. “He realises that what he had with Joanie was an infatuation. It doesn’t have the depth we feel when we fall in love.”

Adds actress Jane Cox: “There are so many parallels with last year’s Christmas episodes. So Lisa knows exactly how Joanie must be feeling once the recording gets played. It does feel like it’s coming full circle, which I think will be satisfying for the audience, because it feels like a mirror image.”

So what reaction has there been to Zak having spent 2016 in the arms of Joanie? “People are often telling me I’ve been a bad lad,” says Halliwell. “Nearly always it’s ‘you want to get back with Lisa. Never mind that other woman!'”

So will Emmerdale get their wish granted? Find out when the ITV soap broadcasts these scenes over Christmas. 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas on Emmerdale below.


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