Coronation Street: Andy brutally attacks Phelan – here’s what happens next

Will Pat die as a result of Andy's actions? And who will the police suspect is responsible?


Coronation Street’s Andy Carver has just vented his fury on rogue builder Pat Phelan – walloping him over the head with a brick in scenes just broadcast on the ITV soap. But what will be the fate of the Corrie villain?


Tonight’s cliffhanger saw Phelan’s pulse being found, while Andy feigned ignorance as to who was responsible for the attack. And Andy’s subterfuge looks set to extend into Friday’s episode when he tries to pin the blame on one of his neighbours…

As Phelan lies unconscious in a hospital bed, Andy overhears Tim telling Sally that he saw Kevin, clearly wound up, heading for the yard at the time of the attack.

Anna worries that Kevin could become prime suspect, especially seeing as there’s been new animosity thanks to some poison-pen letters that Pat had accused Anna of sending. And when Andy is quizzed by the police, he wastes no time in deflecting the blame onto Kev!

Pretty soon, the police are calling at the garage to interrogate Kevin, who admits that he hates Phelan’s guts, but didn’t try to kill him. Andy’s nerves, though, remain in shreds as he waits for word on Phelan’s condition.

As has already been revealed by the press, Phelan does look set to make a recovery (recent paparazzi shots saw him preparing to wed Eileen). But might he discover the truth about Andy’s actions and use the knowledge to his advantage?

After all, he does have past form – remember what happened to the Windasses? Only a naive fool would count Pat out now…

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