Did you spot the Doctor Who music used at the end of The Apprentice?

There are five Apprentice candidates left, but four will be exterminated


If you were hit by sudden mental images of Peter Capaldi while watching The Apprentice: The Final Five, don’t worry. You were probably bamboozled by the Doctor Who music hidden in the soundtrack.


As the music swelled at 56.30 for “next time on The Apprentice”, and as the remaining contestants competed to explain how badly they wanted to be Lord Sugar’s business partner (“My GOD I want it so bad” – Frances), a familiar tune kicked in. 

Wondering why our Doctor Who radar had gone off, we tracked it down, and lo and behold: it’s Capaldi’s theme as the Twelfth doctor, titled Am I A Good Man.

The Apprentice has borrowed the bit from 2.15 onwards. 

 Mystery solved!


The Apprentice continues on Thursday at 9pm on BBC1