This two-year-old provides the only Planet Earth II commentary you’ll ever need

Bumblebees, squirrels and bears, oh my!


David Attenborough’s blockbuster nature documentary Planet Earth II has been a massive hit, drawing critical acclaim and massive viewing figures every Sunday night on BBC1. 


But if you weren’t sure whether it was definitely a show for the WHOLE family, right down to the littlest little-un, then we finally have definitive proof – thanks to one 2-year-old’s excitable commentary on the series.

In videos posted by her father (scientist and BBC presenter Dr Adam Rutherford), the little girl excitedly narrates all she sees during the documentary, be that a “garden” (aka a plain of tall grass), a “buzzy-bee” or a “BEAR!!!” 

Frankly, we can’t do it justice in description, so watch above to see just how much of an impact good factual programming can make. Move over, Attenborough – there’s a new narration champion in town.


Planet Earth II continues on BBC1 next Sunday at 9.00pm