Coronation Street: Mary reveals that she has a secret son! Here’s what happens next

Will Mary decide to find son Jude?


Coronation Street’s Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) has revealed that she has a secret son by the name of Jude who she hasn’t seen since he was a baby.


Tonight’s visit to Weatherfield found Mary opening up to close friend Norris (Malcolm Hebden) about the rape she endured as a 14-year-old girl that left her pregnant.

Poignant scenes saw Mary disclose that she was assaulted by a family friend, a “minister” whose children she used to babysit.

As Mary’s pregnancy progressed, her mum told neighbours that she’d gone to stay with an aunt. Mary ended up giving birth at home before her newborn was left on the doorstep of “St Jude’s in Newton-le-Willows”, hence the name he was eventually given.

When asked by Norris why she’d chosen to start searching for her son, Mary disclosed that a health scare coupled with the return of Ken’s family following his stroke left her with the feeling that she wanted to find her own offspring.

At the climax of tonight’s episode, though, Mary appeared to have decided to abandon her search, despite Norris’s assurances that Jude wouldn’t blame her for what happened.

Tomorrow’s Coronation Street will see Mary trying to avoid Norris, only for him to eventually track her down. Not wishing to discuss her past, Mary orders Norris to forget that she ever mentioned Jude.

In the face of Norris’s pestering, Mary insists she made peace with what she did many years ago but is she being truthful?

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