Tom Cruise is killed off in the first trailer for The Mummy reboot

Don’t worry, he gets better


The first trailer for Universal horror reboot The Mummy has arrived, and in a surprisingly ballsy move it kills off banner star Tom Cruise within the first minute.


Of course, this being a Tom Cruise film, his character Nick Morton easily shrugs off his certain death after a terrifying plane crash sequence (with some great Inception-style scenes of people being thrown round the plane), ripping out of a body bag to take on Sofia Boutella’s creepy Mummy and her weird double-pupilled eyes. Did they all have those in Egypt?

Anyway, based on what we see in the trailer (including a deadly chase through London), it looks like Cruise’s take on the franchise will be the most action-packed yet, and we can’t wait to see what other stunts they have planned. No doubt Nick Morton has a few more near-misses with death yet to come.


The Mummy will be released in summer 2017