Freeview film of the day: The Coming War on China

Are we headed into a new Cold War with China?


The Coming War on China ★★★★ 
PREMIERE 10.40pm-12.40am ITV 


Billed as campaigning journalist John Pilger’s 60th film since he graduated from newsprint to ITV in the 1960s, his latest righteously angry case against an imperialist West alights – with a chillingly apocalyptic title – on current tensions between the US and China. American mission creep, which has continued under Obama, leaves China “surrounded” according to one academic, while Pilger’s lugubrious narration deploys inflammatory phrases such as “apartheid in the Pacific”. He visits modern Shanghai to discover the social inequality created by market-led “socialism”. He also provides a compelling inventory of America’s cruel treatment of the indigenous people of the militarily strategic islands irradiated by postwar atom bomb tests, who are currently forced to serve the personnel of US air bases. Hope comes in pockets of local resistance on Okinawa and in mainland China, “unreported in the West”. Not easy viewing, but essential nonetheless. 


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