Freeview film of the day: Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds shines a light as the DC superhero


Green Lantern ★★ 
PREMIERE 10.00pm-12.15am C5 


The DC Comics Universe doesn’t yet have the blockbusting hit rate of archrival Marvel. Few jumped for joy when Ryan Reynolds was cast as DC’s Green Lantern, the cocky test pilot enrolled in an intergalactic peacekeeping force of spearmint-glowing avengers. But although the film – which Reynolds himself trashed for its lack of vision – crashed at the box office, you may wish to give it a spin on TV and make up your own mind. The ridiculously sinewy superhero has a reasonable love interest in Blake Lively’s executive and an entertaining white-coated villain in Peter Sarsgaard (whose swollen head throbs with bad energy), but it all gets a bit relentlessly wham-bang as the duel-planet battle escalates out of director Martin Campbell’s grasp, not dissimilarly to DC’s other misfire, Man of Steel. Reynolds found a far better fit as Marvel’s Deadpool. 


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