Coronation Street: shock collapse for Bethany at Christmas

Troubled Bethany falls unconscious after overdosing on diet pills


Bethany Platt will hit rock bottom in the Christmas episodes of Coronation Street when she takes an overdose of diet pills and collapses in the ginnel.


The drama unfolds when Faye finds out about Bethany’s secret crush on her mum’s boyfriend, all of which sparks a chain of events that results in Sarah and Gary discovering the truth as well.

In the run-up to Christmas Day, Bethany makes a naive play for Gary, only to be caught by Faye. When Faye then blabs about Bethany being attracted to an older man, Gary ends up reaching the erroneous conclusion that Luke is the object of her affection.

With Gary proceeding to fly off handle at Luke, while Sarah unsuccessfully tries to get more information out of the Bethany, the scene is set for a particularly fraught Christmas.


In an hour-long episode to be broadcast on Christmas Day, the Platts will be seen being joined by Gary, Anna and Faye to open presents.

Bethany is delighted when she receives a smartwatch, but is openly hostile towards Gary. Sarah notices and is embarrassed by her behaviour.


With Faye now knowing Bethany’s big secret, the tension in the room is palpable. However, Bethany is quick to assure Faye her that she no longer has feelings for Gary.


But the truth looks set to spill out after Sarah reads a text from Faye on her daughter’s smartwatch which says she’s glad that her crush on Gary is over. Sarah is stunned while Bethany wishes the ground would swallow her up.


Sarah then explains everything to Gary, telling him that Bethany has been infatuated with him for a while. But the exposure of Bethany’s true feelings end up having terrible consequences when Bethany downs a load of diet pills before collapsing in the ginnel.

Will the Platts realise that Bethany is in trouble? Or is this destined to be her last Christmas?


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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