TV fans to become BBC1 continuity announcers on Christmas Day

Auntie has handed the microphone to the public


A group of TV fans have been given the once-in-a-lifetime chance of being BBC1 continuity announcers – on the biggest day of the year.


BBC1 has recorded key programme announcements from members of the public who will get their chance to see and hear themselves introducing big shows such as the EastEnders and Doctor Who Christmas episodes.

We say “see” because the announcements have also been filmed and will be shown on air in the junctions between the shows. Normally continuity announcers are just heard introducing shows.

The news was announced last night by Charlotte Moore, the BBC’s director of content who said: “BBC1 this year is all about audiences and so we’ve got a stunt for Christmas Day – we’ve called on fans of our Christmas shows to come and help us out – we’re handing over the continuity announcements to them, so keep an eye out for it.”

Advertisement understands that the BBC has filmed fans of its biggest shows in different sized groups ranging from 6 to 40 people who are described as “united by their love and passion for a BBC1 show”.