League of Festive Fandoms Task 4: Clash of Vice Captains

The thirteen fearless fandom deputies go head to head for Festive Fandoms glory


You’ve picked your Festive Fandoms Vice Captains and now it’s time for them to go to war for you!


The Captain with the most votes in the next 24 hours (Voting closes at 1pm on Saturday December 3rd) will earn 10 points for their team and the remaining captains will earn the following:

2nd place = 9 points, 3rd place = 8 points, 4th place = 7 points, 5th place = 6 points, 6th place = 5 points, 7th place = 4 points, 8th place = 3 points, 9th place = 2 points, 10th place = 1 point. Teams in 11th, 12th and 13th place will not receive any points.


Let the Clash of Vice Captains begin!


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