Freeview film of the day: The Frozen Ground

Nicolas Cage brings the heat to this icy thriller


The Frozen Ground ★★★ 
Premiere 10.20pm-12.15am C5 


This moody fact-based thriller stars Nicolas Cage as an Alaskan state trooper on the trail of a serial killer and Vanessa Hudgens as a young prostitute who escaped his clutches. Her reluctance to give evidence means Cage has to convince his bosses he’s after the right man, while protecting the girl from a murderer intent on finishing the job. Writer/director Scott Walker stays relatively faithful to the details of the 1983 case, while infusing the film with an atmosphere that evokes the Nordic noir genre. Cage’s performance is solid but occasionally threatens to spill over into manic overacting, John Cusack is perfect as the “Is he or isn’t he?” focus of the investigation, but the mature and nuanced Hudgens impresses most, moving ever further away from the undemanding teen roles of her early career.


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