Emmerdale reveals the Dingles’ Christmas 2016 drama

Will Belle scheme to reunite Lisa and Zak?


One year ago, life for the Dingle family was shattered on Emmerdale following the exposure of Zak Dingle’s affair with Joanie Wright. Since then, of course, Zak has gone on to marry his lover, while Zak’s ex-wife Lisa tried to move on, now as a single woman.


But this Christmas sees events coming to a head once again, with show bosses planning a turbulent festive season for the Dingle clan.

Said a show spokesperson: “Last Christmas saw Zak Dingle leave wife Lisa for lover Joanie. The Dingles are yet again set to celebrate Christmas together, but with now-married Zak and Joanie there, will it be a happy gathering or could the boat get rocked once again?”


Speaking recently to Inside Soap, star Eden Taylor-Draper revealed that her character Belle Dingle could be the catalyst for the upcoming drama.

Said the actress: “Belle’s one wish is to have her family back. I’m not sure if they will, though. Over Christmas, Belle can see that they’re getting on better – they share glances and Belle reads that as them still being in love.

“But I don’t think Lisa and Zak know how they feel. So Belle reckons it’s up to her to make it happen again!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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