EastEnders: was call centre bully Oz the masked intruder at the Queen Vic?

And does that mean Lee is also involved in the robbery at the pub?


Mick Carter was left swearing vengeance on those responsible for the shocking break-in at the Queen Vic during tonight’s EastEnders – but do viewers already know the perpetrators?


Tense scenes saw a trio of masked intruders threaten the Carters with baseball bats before making off with a bag of cash, but there was something very familiar about the gang leader who wreaked havoc at the Walford pub.

A suspicious-looking Lee was seen addressing the thug as “mate”, which got us thinking that the man behind the mask could very well turn out to be his call centre colleague Oz.


Fans have already seen Lee suffering workplace bullying at the hands of Oz, who appears to have a band of followers under his control. So might Lee have done some kind of deal with his tormentor? After all, Lee is also dealing with mounting debt and may have seen the robbery as a way of alleviating his financial burden.

And there’s certainly no doubting how desperate Lee is: just look at the way he pocketed that wallet during the fight that broke out during this evening’s showdown.


Couple that with the fact that the name Osman ‘Oz’ Bolat and the actor who plays him, Noah Maxwell-Clarke, appeared during the credits of Friday’s episode and it seems we have all the evidence we need.

And with EastEnders set to explore Lee’s spiralling depression and increased sense of guilt over the festive season, might we just have witnessed the shock act that will push him to breaking point?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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