EastEnders: did Lee Carter organise the robbery at the Queen Vic?

The Carter family was left reeling - but is Lee responsible for the break-in?


The Carter family has been left in shock at the climax of tonight’s EastEnders thanks to a violent robbery at the Queen Vic that put young Ollie in grave danger.


Three masked intruders armed with baseball bats stormed the pub after closing time, attacked Johnny and took the day’s savings.


But the scariest moment of the showdown came when the head thug threatened to throw Ollie down the pub stairs if Mick came after the gang.

In the end, the trio managed to escape, while Ollie remained unharmed. But Mick was left swearing vengeance on the people responsible for the attack on his family.


What viewers will inevitably wondering now, though, is whether a beleaguered Lee is complicit in the crime.

As fans know, Mick’s son has been struggling with both mounting debt and bullying at the call centre where he works. And tonight’s episode saw him actively trying to get both himself and Whitney away from the Vic in the run-up to the attack.

Then, there was the moment when Lee referred to the gang leader as “mate”, only to be told that he was no such thing. Does Lee perhaps know the criminals? (You can read more on that particular theory here)


What we know for sure is that Lee will be spending December burdened by the amount of secrets he’s now carrying, with this year’s Christmas episodes set to see his guilty conscience pushing him ever closer to the edge.

So is his possible part in tonight’s crime be one of the reasons for his angst?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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