Coronation Street: Caz is caught! Rhea Bailey leaves the cast of the ITV soap

The Corrie villain was taken into custody during tonight's episode of the ITV soap


Villainous Caz Hammond got her comeuppance on Coronation Street tonight after being lured into a trap by her ex-girlfriend Kate Connor.


After realising that Caz had installed secret cameras in Maria’s flat, Kate lured her former partner back to Weatherfield under the pretence of wanting a reconciliation.

But Kate’s real aim was to bring Caz out of hiding so that she could be arrested for faking her own murder and framing Maria for the crime.


As the police arrived to put he handcuffs around Caz’s wrists, the Corrie stalker was left seething that she’d been duped, while Kate chastised herself for not seeing the truth earlier.

Tonight’s scenes marked the final appearance of actress Rhea Bailey on the ITV soap (for now, at any rate!). The star recently revealed that she’d experienced a backlash from fans who’d taken against her character.


Speaking last month, Bailey said of her role on Corrie: “It comes with a lot more baggage than I expected. 

“A lot of people who watch the show have a hard time differentiating between actors and the characters they play. I find that quite difficult to be honest. That wasn’t something I was prepared for.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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