ANOTHER Apprentice double firing sees the end of Dillon and Sofiane

The pair were VR-y out of their depth with an underwater virtual reality game


It looks like Lord Sugar’s getting a little trigger-happy with his firing finger, with the business mogul sacking ANOTHER two candidates at once in this week’s episode of The Apprentice.


The task had seen the teams delve into the world of virtual reality gaming, with team Nebula (Jessica, Courtney, Trishna and Frances) creating a bizarre animal hunt through space called Gordon’s Lost His Badger, while Team Titans (Sofiane, Grainne, Alana and Dillon) played it safe with an underwater puzzler called Magic Shells.

In the end, despite their odd premise and some tension between team members, Team Nebula won a decisive victory, gaining the approval of 5 out of the 7 industry experts watching their pitch and 222 out of 300 punters. Titans had no industry interest and only 78 public voted, so went through to the boardroom where it was finally Game Over for both Dillon and Sofiane.


Dillon gets the bad news

“Dillon, you’ve been labelled the creative person, but at the end of the day this wasn’t creative,” Lord Sugar told the Irish art director after hearing of Dillon’s mistakes in designing the game. “You know what, Sof disregards instructions but you’re exactly the same I think. I think once you get something in your head, you’re not going to listen to anybody.

“It’s not a case of hindsight, I keep hearing ‘had you had your time again, if you did this again, had you rethought it again’ – and whilst you are a very, very, very nice person Dillon…I don’t think you have the potential to be my business partner. 

“It is with regret… Dillon, you’re fired.”

“I can understand why I was fired, but I don’t think I should have been,” Dillon tells now. 

“I was constrained by the team, and the fact that it was a puzzle, and then our character was an infant baby, and the name wasn’t great.

“I did the best I could, and think it was a comedy of errors really.”


Sofiane and Dillon go undercover on this week’s task

But if project manager Sofiane thought Dillon’s exit meant he would live to task another day, well, he soon learned that Lord Sugar does nothing by halves – not even firing people.

“It’s getting very, very close to the end now,” Lord Sugar said. “Sofiane, you go on your own, you do your own thing…I’m finding it difficult that you are a potential winner. Sofiane you’re fired!”

“I think, basing on the firing and basing on who’s still in there, I should have been given a chance,” Sofiane tells us now. “But obviously being a project manager, I’ve got this thing where I need to lead from the front. So I made some strong decisions and I stuck by them, and I gave him no choice.

“Absolutely I should have been given a chance to go further. I mean, it’s one week left until the interviews, and that’s what I was looking forward to…you know, getting to the interview stage to talk about my business.”


Sofiane’s moment of truth

Oh well – maybe the pair can now create another virtual reality video game version of the boardroom where they both make it through to the next task. At the very least, it’d be more popular than Magic Shells. 


The Apprentice continues on BBC1 next Thursday at 9pm