When can I watch the next episode of The Grand Tour on Amazon?

The new Amazon series is being streamed weekly; find out where and when the next episode will be available to watch on Amazon, and watch the trailer


Amazon’s new series The Grand Tour will air every Friday throughout its 12-episode run. For binge watchers used to watching an entire series on demand, that could get a little… irritating. Deal with it.


The series will air weekly on Amazon rather than landing all at once, with the first series running for a whopping three months. Here’s all the info you need for episode 3.

When can I watch The Grand Tour episode three – and where is it set?

Episode 3 is available on Amazon from Friday 2nd December. The studio tent pops up in the English seaside town of Whitby. After previous weeks in California and Joburg, it’s pretty… quaint.


Check out the official synopsis for the episode below.

The Grand Tour travelling tent pitches up on the quayside in the English coastal town of Whitby from where Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May introduce a modern take on the traditional gentleman’s tour of Italy. With Jeremy in an Aston Martin DB11 and James in a Rolls-Royce Dawn, the pair are set for a leisurely trip of culture and fine dining until a noisy and unwelcome guest arrives.

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