Coronation Street: Robert kisses Michelle – will the pair have an affair?

It might just be a friendly kiss - but what happens after Robert takes a room at the Rovers?


Coronation Street fans who have already noticed a growing closeness between Michelle and Robert will have more to chew over in the coming weeks as the plotline takes a fresh twist.


Scenes to be shown on Wednesday 14 December will see a stressed Robert fretting about how they’re going to deliver a huge food order with no taxis available. When Michelle offers to drive the Bistro van, Robert kisses her fondly – a move that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed by Zeedan…

Viewers will then see Robert and Michelle get into a scrape as they try to deliver the food order to some lads who are having a house party. When the guys refuse to pay, pregnant Michelle feigns labour pains and Robert grabs the food and hurries back to the van, Michelle close behind him.

But don’t go thinking that all this fooling around isn’t going to have consequences, especially when Michelle raises the prospect of her new-found friend Robert taking a room at the Rovers! But will Robert admit to his reservations, especially where his growing feelings for Michelle are concerned?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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