Coronation Street: big twist coming at Roy and Cathy’s wedding, reveals Melanie Hill

The audience won't see the surprise coming, says the Corrie star


Cathy and Roy’s long-awaited wedding day in an upcoming episode of Coronation Street will be jeopardised thanks to a last-minute twist. The drama – set to be shown later this month – will see Cathy listen to an incriminatory Dictaphone message that could well reveal Roy’s misgivings about the nuptials. So will Cathy decide to marry Roy? Or will Roy’s real feelings result in the big day being ruined? Here’s actress Melanie Hill with all the latest gossip:


So, how is Cathy feeling about her wedding in the run-up to the big day?
Cathy loves Roy and wants to get married. It’s a big thing for her because she can’t believe that she’s fallen in love with someone after Alan. But Cathy is aware there’s the whole shadow of Hayley as well. There have always been three people in the relationship.

Does she have any awareness of Roy’s doubts? Why does she think he’s so stressed?
Yes, she’s getting nervous as the wedding has been a bit on and off. And Cathy has even tried to call Roy’s bluff by cancelling the wedding herself. But even though there are photos around the flat of Hayley, Cathy has learnt to accept that she was the love of Roy’s life and she would never think to ask Roy to feel anything different.

How does she feel about Nessa being the one to give her away?
When Nessa enters the room Cathy always feels lower status as Nessa has been the one to get all the boys. But this time, the wedding has given Cathy more confidence, so it’s like the tables have turned. I love the dynamic between Cathy and Nessa because there still is that rivalry there.

How does she come to find the recording on her Dictaphone?
Right before the wedding, Cathy takes out her Dictaphone so she can go over her vows one last time. The writers have really done the whole story proud. There’s a twist at the end that the audience won’t see coming.

What sort of wedding is it? Is it quite traditional?
It is traditional and Roy has actually agreed to go down the church route. He was a bit hesitant at first, but he wants to do what makes Cathy happy.

Did you enjoy playing bride for a day?
Yes I did. Normally I hate wearing dresses but – amazingly – the costume department found this dress that I would actually wear, which is a miracle for me! I felt very nice and I got to wear make-up and have my hair done, so it was lovely.

And what’s the best thing about working with David Neilson?
David is wonderful, hilarious and just a great person to be on set with. And Liam Bairstow [Alex] has such a dry sense of humour that has us in fits. It’s a joy to come to work and to play a character that changes gradually as the months go by.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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