Sir Roger Moore would make a cameo appearance in a Bond film to “expand the family coffers”

The actor also reveals that he is in awe of Daniel Craig


Sir Roger Moore has said he would not rule out appearing in a future Bond movie in a cameo role.


Moore – the longest serving actor to play 007 – said that a role in a Bond film would give him the opportunity to “expand the family coffers” – ie. earn a bit of dough.

Speaking to an audience at the Southbank Centre in London, the 89-year-old actor also paid tribute to Daniel Craig and Sean Connery who he hailed as the best actors to play the MI6 agent. 

He told the crowd: “I think that Sean was obviously the great Bond.

“He was obviously the right person, he brought the right personality to the performance, otherwise Bond would not have gone on past the first six that he did. He was a tremendous Bond.

“Today, I think we’re very lucky to have Daniel Craig because he is quite extraordinary, I always say that Sean looked like a killer – but Daniel Craig would finish it off. 

“When I saw Casino Royale, I thought that Daniel Craig did more action in the first seven minutes than I did in seven movies.”

Moore’s stint as Bond began with Live and Let Die in 1973 and ended with A View to a Kill in 1985 and although he has played one of the most coveted roles in the film industry, he said there was one character he wished he could have inhabited – Lawrence of Arabia.

He said: “I remember Bob Baker and I going to see Lawrence of Arabia and coming out both being very depressed and saying ‘we might as well give up the business’, because they had made the best movie that had ever been made.”


Just last month, Moore spoke out against the idea of a female Bond and added that he liked the look of Aidan Turner or Tom Hiddleston as the next 007.