Freeview film of the day: Hawking

The true story of the famed scientist, in his own words


Hawking ★★★★★ 
1.45-3.20am C4 


You’ve seen the TV drama. You’ve seen the film. Now see the real thing. Professor Stephen Hawking gets away with co-writing and narrating his own biographical documentary, framed by director Stephen Finnigan, with intimate access to the 71-year-old’s daily working life at Cambridge University, as a jet-setting superstar lecturer and centre of the 2012 Paralympics opening ceremony. A one-off in terms of his Einstein-like cosmological advances and the cruelly immobilising motor neurone disease, his modus operandi remains “seize the day” and this close-range portrait will leave you humbled by his continued good humour. He’s surprisingly candid about his failed marriages and weakness for the limelight. 


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