Another familiar face returns to Coronation Street

Cathy's sister Nessa is back, trailing chaos in her wake


War will break out at Roy’s Rolls in an upcoming episode of Coronation Street when Cathy’s sister Nessa returns and immediately starts making waves.


Since last being seen in Weatherfield, Nessa’s son Alex has learned that his real father was Cathy’s late husband Alan. The fact that Nessa had a long-standing affair with Alan has also been a cause of deep-rooted enmity between her and Cathy.

So expect Nessa’s blowsy ways to be the forefront once again when she rocks up at the cafe and immediately starts flirting with Brian by offering her a swig of her duty-free booze.

But drama of a very different kind is to come later in the week – and, for once, it’s not of Nessa’s making. Roy (who has been fretting about his upcoming nuptials) will leave Nessa startled by sleepwalking right into her bedroom!

However, the touchy subject of Cathy’s late husband will once again rear its head when Yasmeen urges her friend to confront Nessa over Alex’s parentage. 

Cathy is initially wary about rocking the boat, but after hearing Nessa bragging about being a magnet for men, she ends up unleashing her fury about her affair with Alan.

Nessa’s stunned as Cathy throws her out – but Roy is left feeling the most shocked after Cathy tells him she’s sure to fail him as a wife, like she did Alan, and suggests they should call off the wedding.

Could this be the answer Roy needs or can he comfort Cathy when she needs him most?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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