Coronation Street: Phelan DOESN’T flee – and here’s what happens next!

Get a sneak peek of Andy getting suspicious about Pat's actions...


Unscrupulous Pat Phelan discovered that he’d been conned by business partner Vinny on tonight’s Coronation Street – and was forced to return to Weatherfield. But will his crimes now be uncovered? 


Fans of the ITV soap saw Phelan left fuming after he found out that Vinny had done a flit to Hawaii, cleaning out their business account in the process.

Now unable to flee to Mexico, Pat ended up having to head back to No 11, where he was quick to feign ignorance about the death of Michael Rodwell – the man he’d left to die from a heart attack in last Friday’s episodes.

As viewers know, Phelan has been in cahoots with Vinny and Todd as they schemed to fleece their neighbours of sizeable deposits on flats that were never going to be built.

Later this week, Todd will be forced to tell his mum Eileen that he and Phelan have lost all of Jason’s money as well as the cash given by their friends. And there’ll be uproar in the Rovers when everyone realises that they’re now £15,000 out of pocket.

Anna, for one, is sickened and accuses Phelan of pulling the wool over their eyes, despite he, Todd and Eileen all insisting that they were tricked too.

And you can also expect Andy Carver’s suspicions to grow when – on Friday – he pays Pat a visit following Michael’s funeral. Phelan tries to convince Andy that Vinny must be the one responsible for Michael’s demise – but it doesn’t look as though his words have been all that convincing…


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