These I’m A Celebrity viewers just realised they have the same interior design taste as Kiosk Keith…

Keith isn't the only one with a taste for bold 70s wallpaper

Kiosk Keith

On Monday night we finally got to see inside Kiosk Keith’s hut as part of the Dingo Dollar Challenge. It was a feast of 70s interior decor, complete with zany wallpaper and a portrait of Keith’s family hung on the wall – all with moustaches, of course. 


Unfortunately, as the celebs poked fun at the I’m A Celebrity legend’s sense of style, there was a dawning realisation for one viewer.

 He wasn’t the only one…

It seems Kiosk Keith is a fan of “Graham & Brown Choc/Orange Trippy Wallpaper”, a wallpaper designed with a “nod to the halcyon days of flared trousers and bold design”. He may even have had it imported all the way from the UK for his jungle hut. 

Who knew Keith was so groovy?


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