Sherlock star Louise Brealey regrets binning free copies of the Daily Mail: “I didn’t think about the implications for free speech”

The actor threw away bundles of newspapers provided for fellow passengers at Gatwick airport but, while standing by her views of the paper and "the lies and fear they peddle", she admits her actions were wrong


She was about to board a plane at Gatwick airport when, in a fit of frustration, Louise Brealey grabbed the free copies of the Daily Mail provided for passengers and dumped them all in the bin.


But while the Sherlock star – who plays pathologist Molly Hooper in the BBC1 detective drama – stands by her views on the paper and “the lies and fear they peddle”, she nevertheless regrets her actions, admitting after criticism from a number of Twitter users “I didn’t think about the implications for free speech, or the jump to book-burning”.

In a statement posted on Twitter she said “I didn’t think, at all; it was a purely emotional reaction, and I should have known and done better.

“The point is, whatever I believe, I don’t have any right to stop someone getting a free copy of their newspaper, even a newspaper that tries so very hard every day to turn British people against each other.”

Brealey’s honest reaction was met with praise from many, with one Twitter user, posting “You’re a very good person for writing this. Not many people on social media will reflect on their views after criticism,” and another adding “it takes a lot of courage to call yourself out”.


Brealey stars in series four of Sherlock, beginning on New Year’s Day on BBC1