Emmerdale: Lawrence finally publicly admits he loves Ronnie!

How will Ronnie react to his declaration?


It’s plain for all to see that Lawrence White is in love with Ronnie Hale and has been for many years, but his denial of his sexuality has stopped him from admitting his true feelings. Next week in Emmerdale, with Ronnie ready to leave the village, Lawrence finally declares his love publicly.


Early in the week, Lawrence battles with the embarrassment he feels and begs Ronnie to stay. Later, feeling paranoid and fearing that everyone is talking about him, he backtracks and insists that he was drunk at the time. He is unaware that Ronnie overhears everything.

In the Woolpack, Ronnie tells Rebecca that Lawrence will never change. She decides to intervene and goes to find her dad, hoping she can persuade him to put things right.

Meanwhile, Ronnie is eager to leave. He’s annoyed that his van still isn’t fixed but little does he know that Rebecca has taken the fuel pump relay!

Lawrence finds Ronnie and tells him he wants to talk. In the café, he finally admits to Ronnie that he loves him, saying it loud and proud so that everyone can hear.


It’s a huge relief for him to finally say it, but how will Ronnie react? And will he decide to stay?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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