EastEnders: marriage crisis for Ian and Jane

Jane starts to worry that Ian no longer finds her attractive


Jane Beale has been trying to focus on her physical recovery but one of the major emotional struggles she’s now wrestling with is no longer feeling attractive to husband Ian. Next week in EastEnders, she confides in Stacey about how she’s feeling and word eventually gets around to Ian. He deals with it awkwardly but can a ladies night at the pub, concocted by Linda, boost her confidence and make her feel attractive again?


When Stacy comes to visit, Jane reveals her fears about where her relationship with Ian is going. She’s worried that he doesn’t find her attractive anymore.

Stacey is concerned and asks Mick to talk to Ian about it, but she feels terrible when Jane later asks her to keep it to herself.

Meanwhile, Mick has a chat with Ian. He doesn’t take it well and, in classic Beale fashion, completely bungles the situation. Feeling awkward, he tries to reach out to his wife but instead clumsily suggests they go on a night out. Jane doesn’t feel like it.

Linda, however, has her own idea about how to make Jane feel better. She comes up with a charity ladies’ night at The Vic.

Jane feels betrayed by Stacey and tells her as much when she comes round to the Beales’. Eventually Jane accepts the invitation to the ladies’ night.

On the night itself, Linda nervously prepares for the darts match and charity event. Jane gets ready for her big night out with the girls and Stacey tells her she’s there to support her. 

At home, Ian has a surprise in store for Kathy while over at the pub, Jane receives plenty of compliments and her self-esteem gets the boost it needed. Jane and Kathy are a little tipsy when they return home, and Kathy announces a surprise of her own.

What could Kathy have up her sleeve? And will Jane and Ian be able to inject a bit of passion back into their relationship?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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