Coronation Street: will Zeedan marry Rana? Bhavna Limbachia interview

The actress talks next week's Corrie nuptials - and whether the wedding will go ahead


Zeedan Nazir’s world was rocked by the discovery of his Sharif’s affair, and it seems as though the breakdown of his grandparents’ marriage has forced him to take stock of his own relationship. Next week in Coronation Street, he’ll tell devastated fiancée Rana that he can’t go ahead with the wedding before later changing his mind, but will it be too late?


Early on in the week, Rana is mortified when her parents arrive for a family meal and tell Yasmeen and Zeedan all about her string of unsuitable former partners.

Zeedan is relieved when he gets a call from the Bistro and has to leave. He confides in Leanne that he’s scared the wedding is happening too fast as there is still so much he doesn’t know about Rana.

When he finds out that his grandmother Yasmeen has pawned her wedding ring along with other family treasures to put money towards the wedding, he’s even more concerned.

Rana picks up on his mood and asks him what’s troubling him. She’s devastated when Zeedan tells her he doesn’t feel he can go ahead with the wedding. Watching his grandparents’ marriage crumble has made him question their relationship.  

Bhavna Limbachia, that actress who plays Rana, explains: “Rana has finally found someone who accepts her for who she is. When Zeedan tells her initially she is absolutely floored. She’s so disappointed and emotionally broken by it because she thought that she had found a genuine bond.”

“Now she feels like it’s all been a lie. She genuinely feels like the relationship is over. She’s humiliated.” In fact, Rana is so heartbroken that she tells Zeedan she never wants to see him again.

Later in the week, Yasmeen goes to see Zeedan at the Bistro. She begs him to follow his heart and marry Rana instead of letting his grandfather Sharif’s mistakes affect his decision.

Limbachia offers some insight into Zeedan’s motives: “He has always been a good, honest person. He’s incredibly loyal to his family, so because of Sharif’s affair and Alya’s betrayal he is genuinely hurt. He has no intention of hurting Rana he just doesn’t want to make the same mistakes his grandfather has.”

Leanne steps in to try and save their relationship. Pleading with Rana to give Zeedan another chance, she coaxes her into her car before driving her off to the wedding venue.

When they arrive, Zeedan is there, dressed in his wedding outfit. He tells Rana that everything has been set up and organised, and that if she wants to they can get married there and then. Rana is stunned – will she change her mind and go through with the wedding?

Limbachia adds: “Rana has always lived in the moment and been very spontaneous, but I do think she would have liked to plan every last detail of the wedding. It would have been a huge party as she loves being the centre of attention! Zeedan apologises about everything that has happened but she is still in doubt about going through with it. He tries everything he can to plead with her but is it too late now?”

Viewers will have to tune in to the hour long episode on Wednesday 30 November to find out…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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