Is this Merlin actor joining Game of Thrones?

And is he replacing someone we've seen before?


Fan fiction writers of the world, here’s an idea for free: Merlin and Game of Thrones take place in the same universe. And maybe Daenerys and Merlin are friends? And Arthur is a secret Lannister, what with the blonde hair and everything? Also maybe there’s this super powerful wizard called Jo’Nathan, and everyone is always talking about how he’s so cool and handsome?


It’s just an idea.

Anyway, the links between the late lamented BBC show and Westeros grew stronger this week, with an interesting casting rumour. Actor Tom Hopper – who played Sir Percival in Merlin and Billy Bones on Black Sails – was spotted by the Spainish fan site Los Siete Reinos hanging around with actors from Game of Thrones.

The most interesting part? Who he was hanging around with. According to Watchers on the Wall, who are pretty good at this sort of thing, Hopper was seen with James Faulkner, who plays Sam Tarly’s forbidding father.

They speculate that Hopper might therefore be playing Dickon Tarly – Sam’s alpha male brother who was originally played by Freddie Stroma.

Stroma is now starring in the series Time After Time, and this would hardly be the first GoT recast: both the Hound and the Mountain were played by various actors before they reached their definitive versions.


It remains to be seen who will play Jo’Nathan. Whoever they are, they’re going to have to be gorgeous.