The Apprentice’s Karthik fancies a new career as a TV star

If he doesn’t become Prime Minister first, of course


Tonight’s episode of The Apprentice saw the shock early firing of fan-favourite candidate Karthik Nagesan, with the bombastic IT consultant given an early bath by Lord Sugar after leading his team to a shocking defeat.


However, Karthik seems to be taking the loss in his stride, telling that the experience has inspired to try for a new path – TV stardom.

“I’ve got like fan clubs on facebook, fan pages and Instagram. Like, Wow!” Karthik told “This has taken off beyond my wildest dreams. So much so, that I’m actually considering a possible career in the media after this. 

“I can’t say anything for now. But if somebody wants me to come along and say Karthik, do you wanna present on TV? Or, you know, do you wanna take part in this or that? I’m gonna go into it with an open mind.

“I didn’t come into this process with that idea, but now that public reaction seems to be in my favour…they love my mannerisms! I think people love it that I can be like them and I can laugh at myself.”


Karthik and Dillon during tonight’s task

Karthik went on to describe the overwhelming experience his surprise fame has brought him, which has manifested itself in a number of different ways.

“I mean, I never expected it to take off this way,” he said. “And especially within the Asian community. I mean, I went to Leicester on Divali and I’m like Brad Pitt, I’m like a Bollywood star or a Hollywood star! Stopped everywhere, aradio station wants to speak to me, photographs on the road, selfies. It was great.

“And then on social media I’ve been getting a lot of reactions. I seem to have taken off with a younger crowd, like the sixth form crowd, or the 20s and the 30s crowd.

“I’ve got fan clubs! I never knew that I deserved fan clubs. People are saying I should make T-Shirts with my monobrow and my sayings, and you know, just launch them for Christmas. That’d probably get me more than the 250k I could have got from Lord Sugar. Caps with my sayings and stuff.

“So there are huge fans out there. One of the fans actually found out my address and wrote to me, asking me to send him signed photographs. And I was like, ‘Wow!’”


Karthik sleeps on the job in an earlier task

Perhaps, then, superstardom isn’t too much of a pipe dream – but what of his other ambition, mentioned in the first episode of this series, to become the Prime Minister of the UK one day? 

“I think I’d be a good Prime Minister,” Karthik agreed, “and the reason I said that line, that I’d be a billionaire BEFORE I was Prime Minister, is because on the way to being a billionaire – which hopefully I can do one day, if I can launch the next facebook or the next WhatsApp or the next Google, hopefully my dreams will benefit the world and make me a rich guy. Then I will work on the system from the outside.

“And then once I’m there and I’ve achieved what I want from life, I can get into politics and work on the system from the inside! Be a part of the whole operation.

“So when I said I wanted to be Prime Minister, I was quite serious – but let us see how it works out.”

We’d say it could never happen – but in the current political climate, it’s probably wise not to rule anything out…


The Apprentice continues on BBC1 next Thursday at 9.00pm