The Apprentice sees a HUGE shock firing in tonight’s episode

Lord Sugar loses his patience with one candidate in a stormy boat show challenge


Blimey, this series of the Apprentice is a twisty one. Just weeks after Aleksandra King unexpectedly quit the process mid-task, we can reveal that tonight’s episode sees ANOTHER candidate take an early bath after their attempts to sell boat gear at a boat show in Poole are left all at sea.


The shock firing takes place after the losing team’s numbers are revealed, with Lord Sugar so incensed by their failure that he immediately throws one candidate overboard before the final boardroom three are even decided upon.

However, if the remaining teammates thought this firing meant plain sailing for them this week, they could be wrong. Lord Sugar still brings three candidates back into the boardroom to face his wrath, and it could be that tonight’s episode sees this series’ first ever double firing.

To find out, we’ll just have to tune in tonight…


The Apprentice airs on BBC1 tonight (Thursday 17th November) at 9.00pm