Freeview film of the day: The Day after Tomorrow

It snow joke for Dennis Quaid as the world gets a bit brass monkeys.


The Day after Tomorrow ★★★★ 
8.00-10.25pm E4 


The German director Roland Emmerich really has it in for Los Angeles and New York. He destroyed the former in Independence Day, attacked the latter in Godzilla and here wipes them both out – LA with tornados, New York with a freezing tsunami. Mind you, there’s bizarre weather everywhere. Climatologist Dennis Quaid had warned people, but would they listen? Now as doomsday looms he sets out to walk from ravaged Washington to even more ravaged New York, rather like the man who survived the atomic bomb on Hiroshima sighing with relief and taking a train to Nagasaki. Quaid’s quest: to save his son, Jake Gyllenhaal, who has taken refuge in the public library where at least he has plenty to read to take his mind off things. This is a preposterous yarn saved only by the magic of computer graphics against which – never mind the purists – I will not hear a word. The effects are truly spectacular and, in their reminder of what nature can do, terrifying.


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