EastEnders: showdown for Whitney and Lee – will his lies be exposed?

The couple face yet more troubles - but is the truth coming out?


Whitney and Lee managed to make it down the aisle only a few weeks ago, but any hopes of a ‘happily ever after’ for the pair may be dashed next week in EastEnders, when she suspects him of having an affair! After a turbulent run-up to the wedding, it’s not the best start to married life…


The week begins happily for Whitney, who is looking forward to she and Lee moving into their new flat together. However, Lee’s mood swings are becoming a cause for concern for Whitney, who confides in Johnny that she thinks she might have done something to upset him.


When Lee gets back from work he’s in a great mood, but before too long he’s feeling low again. Whitney begins to wonder what is going on…


Later in the week, Whitney and Lauren get together to discuss their respective relationships. Whitney comes away with an idea about how to surprise Lee and cheer him up. Will it work?


But when Lee lets Lauren know that he’s cancelling on plans to go out for drinks later that evening, Whitney becomes even more suspicious.


Lauren does her best to reassure Whitney and encourages her to have an honest conversation with her new husband, but she has another plan.


When Whitney finds out that Lee has called in sick, she goes to see Lauren at the Beales’ and restates her fears that he must be having an affair. Things take a turn for the worse when Lee returns to the marital home and tells Whitney he’s been hard at work all day, oblivious to the fact that she knows full well he hasn’t.


In dramatic scenes to be broadcast next Friday 25 November, Whitney finally confronts Lee about his moodiness and the lies about his whereabouts.


Will Lee start being honest with his new wife? And will Whitney finally find out the truth?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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