Coronation Street: Roy sacks Michelle as his wedding planner – will he still marry Cathy?

The nuptials are jeopardised in next week's episodes


Is Roy about to back out of his plan to marry Cathy? It certainly looks that way in next week’s episodes when he starts have very definite second thoughts.


Roy will be left visibly uncomfortable when Cathy and Michelle start batting around ideas for a lavish wedding. Old friend Brian can’t help but clock his anxiety and suggests that making a start on his groom’s speech might take his mind off things.

After reading the first draft, though, Brian lets Roy know that it’s cold and lacking in feeling. He asks Roy if he really loves Kathy and the echoing silence that follows gives everything away.

Affronted and annoyed, Roy goes on to tell Michelle she is no longer the wedding planner and that he will be taking on an organisational role himself.

With the pressure mounting and the wedding date approaching, how much longer can Roy keep up the charade? And will his overreaction with Michelle give away the fact that he’s bottling something up?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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