First Dates viewers praise “brave” and “inspirational” cancer sufferer Annie

Her date Barry – and the First Dates audience – were "bowled over" by her positive outlook


First Dates viewers were left in awe last night after being introduced to contestant Annie.


Annie was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 33 before being told in November 2015 that the disease had spread to her bones and was incurable. “You know when it’s in your bones you’re buggered,” she told the cameras during her opening VT. 

But it was her positive attitude, despite her plight, that particularly struck a chord with First Dates viewers – that and her ability to make light of her situation:

“You don’t want to sit down and go, ‘Just so you know, I’ve got fake tits, I have to take a few drugs and basically I’m dying. I’ve got incurable cancer.’ ‘Great.’ I’d scare the living shit out of them.”

Annie was upfront with her date, Barry, about her situation and he was “completely bowled over” by her positive outlook. 

And while she is currently undergoing chemotherapy, her new friend has promised to take her to a motorbike festival once she’s done. 

As they watched, tweeters had nothing but praise for “brave” and “inspirational” Annie…

It brought a tear to the eye of many viewers.

As Barry himself took to Twitter to have his say.

Annie’s outlook put things in perspective for some tweeters. 

And many took to the site to wish her good luck as she embarks on her treatment. 


Good luck Annie!