Coronation Street: who is Adam Barlow?

Here's all you need to know about Ken's grandson - who returns to Corrie on Wednesday


Adam Barlow will be making a big impression when he sweeps onto Coronation Street this Wednesday in a flashy new jaguar. The son of Mike Baldwin and Ken’s daughter Susan Barlow, Adam looks set to quickly get a reputation as a Weatherfield womaniser. Here – for those of you who don’t remember Adam from his last stint on Corrie – is a quick reminder of the key facts:


Name: Adam Barlow

Born: 3 May 1988

Parents: Mike Baldwin and Susan Barlow (both now deceased)

Occupation: Solicitor

Played by: Sam Robertson, who reprises the role he first played between 2004 and 2007

Previously on Coronation Street…
During his last stint in the area, Adam worked in his dad Mike’s factory, but ended up selling his share of the business to Liam and Paul Connor. Adam left for Portsmouth in 2007, but later moved to Canada, where he trained as a solicitor. A shock collapse in 2013 resulted in grandfather Ken travelling over to look after him during his recuperation.

What brings Adam back to Weatherfield?
News of Ken’s stroke brings Adam over from Canada this Wednesday and viewers will first see him parking up outside Underworld, strolling into the factory office and helping himself to some whisky. Cue an outraged response from Johnny and Aidan Connor, who catch Adam in the act. By the end of the week, Adam will have also squared up to Tracy’s ex-boyfriend Robert in the Bistro, while ill feeling is also being harboured towards Ken’s son Daniel Osbourne.

Asked recently whether there was a new edge to Adam’s character, actor Sam Robertson commented: “The character’s more fully formed. When Adam first came to the show, no one knew even what his second name was. Sometimes I’d get a script and it would be Adam Baldwin. And then the next week it would be Adam Barlow.

“One minute, I think the idea was that he was going to be a bit of a cool kid, a hit with the ladies, and then the next minute he was a little bit bookish and a bit nerdy, I don’t think anyone quite had an idea what to do with him and I felt that really.

“I never got the momentum going from that beginning and ultimately decided it would be best if I left. So for him to come back again, I wanted to have assurances that it was going to be a lot more fully formed and a lot more involved and already that’s clearly happened. So, for me, it’s a lot more exciting to be here this time than it was last time.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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