Emmerdale: Pierce’s troubled past is revealed – as he seeks help for his anger issues

Paddy persuades Pierce to see a counsellor - but will Rhona stay with him through this tough time?


Over the past months, Pierce Harris has had to deal with the demise of his cheating wife and then the near death of his girlfriend Rhona in a serious car accident. It’s no wonder he’s a little tense. However, the extent of his anger problem will become apparent next week in Emmerdale when he goes to see a counsellor after losing it with Liv.


At the beginning of the week, Rhona is trying hard to keep the peace after receiving flowers from the mysterious ‘P’, who turns out to be Liv. Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona, explains: “Liv believes that Rhona and Paddy should be together. She thinks, in her own adolescent way, that she’s doing the right thing by sending not one but two bunches of flowers to Rhona with cryptic little messages. Of course it’s going to make anybody feel paranoid and Pierce falls for it hook, line, and sinker.”

Tense scenes will see Pierce lash out at Liv after discovering what she’s done, but she responds by telling him he’s a manipulative psycho, just like her dad. Pierce is livid.

Henry says of Pierce’s reaction: “He’s very aggressive towards Liv in the street, quite publicly. Rhona manages to calm him down by saying “for goodness sake, this is a child. Stop it!” It does scare her a bit, though. She goes back to treading on eggshells with him”.

After his outburst, Rhona runs off and tells Paddy what happened. He is, understandably, concerned. He can’t believe it when Rhona says she’s going back to Pierce, but when she returns to find him she sees that he’s left her a note…

Paddy realises that Rhona is deeply unhappy without Pierce. In an impressive display of magnanimity, he tricks Pierce into coming back. Later, he questions Pierce about why he lost his rag, scaring Rhona in the process. Paddy then advises Pierce to seek professional help for his anger problem.

Pierce agrees, and goes to visit a counsellor with Rhona. He opens up about his troubled past, explaining why he behaves the way he does, and admits he has a problem.

Rhona feels immensely proud of him, as Henry explains:  “She feels totally reassured that they’re going to work through this together. He seems really committed to sorting himself out. She is in love with him and, after everything that happened with Tess, she just wants him to feel OK within their relationship.”

Despite the occasional flare ups in his temper, Rhona has never felt closer to Pierce. Henry adds: “I think there’s a certain element of her that quite likes that he’s very protective. It shows that he really cares and wants to be with her. I think Paddy can see it from a more objective point of view. Pierce is very fiery and he has a very big temper, but Rhona thinks she can manage it and that love will conquer all.”

Pierce appears to have been open and honest with Rhona during his counselling session, but has he really shown his true colours yet? Is Paddy right to be concerned about how quickly Pierce becomes enraged? And will Rhona and Pierce’s relationship survive this fraught period?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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