Jeremy Clarkson: The Grand Tour is “three middle-aged men falling over”

Presenter admits to being worried about high expectations for the £160m epic coming to Amazon Prime next week


When The Grand Tour comes to Amazon next week it seems that Jeremy Clarkson may have trouble sleeping.


That’s because the presenter has admitted to being very anxious about the high expectations for the show which has a rumoured budget of £160m.

“It troubles me, actually,” the star has admitted. 

“I lie awake at night going, ‘It’s just a car show’, because there’s been a lot of talk of massive budgets, and everybody is expecting the first programme to come from Jupiter, and for us all to have Iron Man suits and for it to be The Avengers. It isn’t. It’s three middle-aged men falling over.”

Well, that’s as may be but there is certainly a lot of hype for the programme which promises to be packed full of supercars, exotic locations and plenty of banter between Clarkson and co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond.

And Clarkson, who was speaking at a press junket prior to the show’s premiere, is at least pleased with one particular treat for petrolheads.

“We’ve got the McLaren P1, the Porsche 918 Spyder and the Ferrari LaFerrari together in one place – everyone’s tried to put those together and failed. It’s the best car film we’ve ever made. It’s very moving.”

In the first trailers for the show they can be seen careering across the desert, commandeering an army tank, dealing with a casual explosion or two and adhering to Clarkson’s insistence that “looking good is more important than looking where you’re going”.


The Grand Tour begins streaming weekly on Amazon Prime from 18th November. Watch the trailer below.