New Star Wars Rogue One trailer shows more Darth Vader and links Jyn Erso to the Jedi

The Force is STRONG with this international sneak peek


The Force is STRONG with the new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story international trailer, which gives us an extended peek at Darth Vader AND seems to link Jyn Erso to the Jedi.


Felicity Jones delivers that all-important line “may The Force be with you” in a trailer that reveals more of her backstory, including our first look at her mother (The Fall and Thirteen’s Valene Kane) and a hint that a mysterious crystal has a VERY important role to play in the movie – but more on that later.

For many, the real highlight of the extended sneak peek will be Darth Vader, who pops up in some never before seen footage towards the end of the trailer. He stands with his arm outstretched, surely ready to wreak destruction and havoc on those who dare to steal the plans for his fully functioning battle station.

We’re holding out hope for a lightsaber style duel, even though we’ve been told not to expect Jedi in the film.

Speaking of lightsabers, that crystal Jyn’s mum, Lyra Erso, gave her could well be one of the Kyber Crystals, used to make lightsabers and rumoured to have been adapted to feature in the Death Star too.

If Jyn’s family believed in The Force, does that mean they continued to follow the Jedi faith, years after the last masters were wiped out by The Empire? Could Jyn be a secret Jedi? Or is it all just coincidence?

We’ll have to wait until 15th December to find out.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens in UK cinemas on 15th December